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Types of Anesthesia

There are four main types of anesthesia. They are general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, sedation anesthesia and local anesthesia. Below are brief descriptions of each.

General Anesthesia – When general anesthesia is used, the entire body, including your brain are put into a state of deep sleep. While in this state you are unconscious and have no awareness and no sensation of discomfort. During anesthesia you are carefully monitored, controlled and treated by your anesthesiologist, who uses sophisticated equipment to track all your major bodily functions…
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Regional Anesthesia – In Regional anesthesia your anesthesiologist makes an injection near a cluster of nerves to numb the area of your body that requires surgery. You may remain awake, or you may be given a sedative to help you relax…
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Sedation Anesthesia – With sedation anesthesia you are deeply relaxed. You may be sleeping, but you are able to be awakened easily and you can respond to questions or physical stimulation…
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Local Anesthesia – Local anesthesia is when an anesthesiologist injects medicine into the tissue to numb just the specific location of your body requiring minor surgery, for example a hand or foot…
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