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After Surgery Pain Care

Why is pain control important?
It is common for patients to experience post-operative pain or pain after surgery. Talking openly with your anesthesiologist about your pain is important to ensuring you recover faster. Additionally, controlling your pain will also reduce your risks of developing complications.

If I feel pain after surgery what should I expect?
Most patients typically feel pain in the following areas:

  • On and around the incision area
  • Muscle pain from lying on the operating table or being in a certain position for surgery.
  • Throat pain from intubation.
  • Pain when doing normal movement related activities like walking, breathing, coughing, and sitting. Although you may feel pain when performing normal movements it is important to begin to when you feel comfortable enough after surgery. Regaining normal movements is a critical step in your recovery.

Should I tell my anesthesiologist or surgeon about my post operative pain?
It is extremely important to work with both your anesthesiologist and your surgeon if you are having pain after surgery. Pain medications can be extremely successful in controlling your pain; however, anesthesiologists understand how anesthesia medications and pain medications react when used together. Additionally, they can often provide you with interventional ways of relieving your pain thus increasing your recovery time.

What types of treatments are available for post surgical pain?
There are many types of treatments available for post surgical pain. Interventional methods as well as pain medications can be used to ensure that you are comfortable. For additional information about acute pain management please click the links below.

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