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Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia

What is pediatric cardiac anesthesia?
Pediatric cardiac anesthesia is a subspecialty of anesthesia specific to heart disease in children. At Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants our anesthesiologists who sub specialize in pediatric cardiac anesthesia have the training to understand the effects of anesthesia on a child with heart disease, and are experts in the management of children with congenital heart abnormalities.

How does pediatric cardiac anesthesia differ from other forms of anesthesia?
The techniques for the pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist develop from compilation of the knowledge and skill of the cardiac and pediatric anesthesiologist along with an intricate understanding of the physiology behind the various congenital anomalies. The ability to perform special procedures required to safely manage a new born with a serious congenital disease is the strength of the pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist.

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