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HealthStream Ranks SAC’s Quality 98th Percentile.


In 2010, SAC had Healthstream Research perform an independent survey of 352 physicians and surgeons who utilize our services. The physicians/surgeons represent all of the hospitals, ASCs and endoscopy centers listed in our Quantum CNS database. The survey had a 95% confidence level and a ±.16 confidence interval. In order to create benchmark scores, Healthstream compares questions asked across multiple practices allowing them to rank participating groups by percentile. The results were outstanding, showing that our anesthesiologists rank among the best in the nation in regards to availability, quality and communication.


  • 99th Percentile – Availability of the Anesthesiologist
  • 98th Percentile – Overall Quality of the Anesthesiologist
  • 97th Percentile – Overall Quality of the Anesthesia Services
  • 95th Percentile – Communication Between the Anesthesiologist and the Medical Staff
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