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SAC Aids Beyond Limits Program with Startup Gift

SAC Aids Beyond Limits ProgramSoutheast Anesthesiology Consultants became a premier sponsor helping the YMCA and Carolinas Healthcare System achieve their $50,000 startup goal for a new program called Beyond Limits. Beyond Limits is a unique collaboration with Carolinas Healthcare System and the Harris YMCA.

It provides transitional patients from CHS the ability to receive specialized post-rehabilitative training at the YMCA and help participants regain physical abilities they may have lost due to an unforeseen incident. The 12 week program includes individual assessments and goals set by a physical therapist. Additionally, therapists create workout techniques that can be worked into routine weekly activities enabling patients to meet their goals more quickly. The startup cost of the program was $50,000 which will be used to renovate buildings, certify and pay staff. The goal in 2012 is for Beyond Limits to serve 48 people.

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