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Five SAC Anesthesiologists Selected as North Carlolina's Best Doctors 2013

Five physicians from Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants (SAC) have earned the distinction of being named to North Carolina’s “Best Doctors® 2013,” a list compiled by Boston-based Best Doctors Inc., and published by Business North Carolina magazine.


The selected SAC physicians and their specialties are as follows:

  • Dr. Joseph Coyle: Cardiothoracic anesthesia, critical care anesthesiology and critical care medicine
  • Dr. Harley Geller: Cardiothoracic anesthesia and pediatric anesthesiology
  • Dr. Alan Klochany: General anesthesia
  • Dr. Barry Stowe: Cardiovascular anesthesia
  • Dr. Bernard Velardo: General anesthesia and pediatric anesthesiology

Best Doctors® 2013 consists of the top 5 percent of doctors nationwide, spanning more than 45,000 doctors in 400+ specialties. Best Doctors® researchers conduct an annual peer-to-peer poll utilizing the same methodology doctors use to select the correct specialists for their patients. The chosen physicians are those recognized by other doctors as the best and most respected in their field.

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